Garden Pod and Premium Workshop in Arborfield, BerkshireGarden Pod and Premium Workshop in Arborfield, Berkshire

18′ x 12′ Pod and Premium Workshop in 35mm Rustic board

Shell Building £ 9720.00
EPDM Rubber £ 1512.00
Guttering Pack £ 180.00
Insulation & Lining £ 1296.00
Plastering £ 1080.00
Doors & Windows £ 1750.00
Internal wall £ 600.00
Bearers £ 252.00
Total £

Mr Casey wanted to move his Gym from the house to the garden. We combined this with a shed to create this impressive Garden pod in Rustic Board. This helped the building blend nicely into the surrounding area.




The Phoenix Timber Building Garden Pod is initially priced as a SHELL BUILDING that can then be upgraded to your own specification. Each adjustment will be costed individually so that you know exactly where your money is going.

As a bespoke alternative to the classic summer house and log cabin, our Garden Buildings can be used all year round.


WHAT WILL YOU USE YOUR BUILDING FOR?                      


This will determine the specification you require, and the size and cladding type will ascertain the Shell Building Price. From here, we can steer you in the right direction to achieve the best building for your requirements at the best price.





You will have a choice of roof shape, covering and the colour of your guttering.  Next you can choose from selection of 5-year colour treatments for your building or if you prefer, then you can supply your own. We have a wide choice of doors and windows for you to choose from but again, if you wish, you can supply your own. Once you’ve decided on any internal walls you may need, we can help you decide on the appropriate insulation, lining and even plastering for your project. We can also provide you with any necessary lighting and electric sockets. That fabulous veranda you’ve always wanted can also be added and of course we can supply the appropriate base required.


Our Garden Pod SHELL consists of the following:


The roof is covered with an EPDM rubber roof providing weather protection for at least 20 years. It is gutter ready with a flat fascia and a drip rail.


The walls are 7’2” high with 3” x 2” framing and with a breathable membrane. Openings will be made for your door and window requirements.


The insulated 18mm OSB floor is sealed with a damp proof membrane and the outside of the building is treated with Phoenix Oak finish which is guaranteed for one year. All outside joins will have cover strips.


Delivery, construction and VAT are included in the quoted price.





Phoenix Garden Buildings has over 25 years’ experience making bespoke outside buildings and offers a unique building concept.

Every customer starts with a SHELL that can be changed and enhanced to create your perfect building. Unlike other buildings that are on offer you don’t have to compromise on what the manufacturer has already decided is ideal.

Everything is made in our own workshop by our experienced craftsman.

If you want windows around three walls, then we can do that. If you want double doors at both ends of your garage, we can do that too. You tell us what you want and if it is achievable, we will produce it!