Information Sheet


Timber Information

Phoenix uses quality 4th grade redwood timber, which is a higher grade than most manufacturers. It has minimal imperfections compared to its white wood counterpart, and all of our timber is sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests.

Timber is an organic product, subject to naturally occurring changes that result from different environmental conditions i.e. changes in colour, surface, splits and shrinkage. We cannot accept responsibility for these natural changes.

All of our buildings are treated with a good quality preservative on the inside, as well as the outside, prior to delivery. We recommend that you retreat your buildings at regular intervals to maintain the appearance and lifespan of your building.

Site Visit Information

Phoenix offers a free, no obligation site visit service that will enable you to discuss your project requirements with one of our engineers at the site where your building is to be located.

Access Information

Our construction crew will need a clear access to carry building sections from the vehicle to your prepared base, with no height restrictions or tight, sharp corners to negotiate.
Please allow for as much room as possible around the building for our crew to work during installation.

Our construction crew cannot lift sections over fences or over buildings such as garages.

If the only access is through the house a straight run is required, many sections will not pass through doorways.

Always make allowance for any roof overhang when buildings have to go into confined spaces. We recommend that there is at least an eighteen-inch clearance all around the building between it and the boundary. Remember that you will also need access to refresh the exterior wood treatment from time to time.

Please advise us in advance if there are any difficulties regarding access.

Bases Information

Phoenix wishes to advise its customers that we are not able to undertake major groundworks prior to the erection of a timber building.

Providing that the building location is relatively level Phoenix is able to provide you with a suitable base in the form of concrete pads or wooden stilts with a sub-frame as specified on our website.

Phoenix regrets that we are unable to provide a concrete / slab base and brick course if the type of building that you have purchased is a garage or car port, or if this is your preferred option for a base.

Pressure treated floor bearers laid on top of your prepared base are an important and valuable option as they allow the circulation of air underneath the timber floor and help to keep it dry and sound.

For Phoenix to be able to provide you with the building that you desire and for that building to serve its purpose for the long term the base must be both Level and Square.

Please note that should the base prove to be defective, the building will be left on site on a self-assembly basis.

Should you request Phoenix to return and complete the construction of the building, once the base has been repaired, there will be a call-out charge of 20% of the order price. The return will be re-scheduled into our current delivery times.

A local company GCTF Ltd, which has assisted some of our customers in the past, will be able to discuss your need for a concrete / slab base and brick course base and we will be happy to put you in contact with them if required.

Doors / Windows / Ironmongery / Roofing Information

The windows in our sheds and workshops are of 4mm horticultural glass.

The doors and windows on our garden room range are all white UPVC double-glazed units, which are offered in a variety of styles and sizes. Alternative colours are available on request; however, their cost is usually between 40-50% higher than the white units. Additionally, delivery times for the coloured units take some 8 weeks as opposed to the 2 weeks for white units.

Should you prefer to source your own UPVC double-glazed units, Phoenix is willing to install them into your building.

However, Phoenix is not able to install alternative types of doors and windows, i.e. wood or aluminium. You will need to liaise with your supplier regarding installation.

The ironmongery on our sheds and workshops consists of galvanised hasp and staple lock, barrel bolts and door catches.

The standard roofing for our buildings is a 38kg heavy duty mineral felt in green that has a manufacturers guaranteed lifespan of some 5 years. Phoenix offers our customer a number of alternative roofing options to enhance the look of your building, details of which can be found on our website. Depending on your choice of roofing you can extend its lifespan from between 15 years to over 50 years.

If you require alternative roofing that Phoenix do not offer you will need to arrange with your supplier for installation. Please note that if you require a style of roofing such as clay tiles the increase weight of the tiles will require a fully trussed roof that will result in an increase to the price of the shell building. Phoenix will be happy to construct the building to truss level and then your supplier will be able to install the roofing.

A local company GCTF Ltd, which has assisted some of our customers in the past, will be able to discuss your need for a roof tiler and we will be happy to put you in contact with them if required.

Plastering Information

If you want the interior of your garden room plastered we will arrange with a local company, GCTF Ltd, that will complete the task for us. Phoenix must ask you to note that good quality plasterers have busy schedules. We will do our best to arrange for the plastering to be done as soon as possible once your garden room is ready, however, sometimes there will be a delay before the work can be completed.

Guarantee Information

All buildings are guaranteed against rot of timber for five years, providing the building has been treated as recommended.

The company provides a two year call-out cover against faulty parts and workmanship.

Phoenix accepts no responsibility for damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions for additional information.