Picture of a workshop in Farnborough, Hampshire Picture of a workshop in Shalden-, ampshire picture of a workshop in herfield-On-Loddon, Hampshire

Please note that the above pictures are examples of a wide range of Timber Workshops that we have built.

Tailor Made Design & Build for your perfect Workshop or Wooden Storeroom

A hop, skip and jump from your home (or a gentle stroll along the path), having a timber workshop in your garden will transform your business or leisure. Plenty of space, robust build and handcrafted workmanship come at a great price.

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Every workshop we build is different, but they are based on shell templates. You choose the shell building and the size you need, then add all the features you want. We can put in a log store, windows where you want or extra doors, whatever suits your requirements. Double doors are standard for easy access.

Love DIY and just want the shell building? That’s fine by us too.

Timber workshops – 4 great advantages

1. Deal direct with the manufacturer – working with us you cut out the middleman (so more of your money goes into your workshop), and you get the flexibility to alter virtually any aspect of the design. Just ask!

2. Quality timber – we use quality redwood timber at a higher grade than most manufacturers. It has minimal imperfections compared to white wood. All our wood comes from well-managed, sustainable forests.

3. High specification & strength – we use the highest spec around. Uprights are set close together for added strength. Each workshop boasts an extremely sturdy roof thanks to our substantial timbers and unique roof design.

4. Special features, such as increased height (for extra storage room and a bigger feel), a generous 6′ 2″-high door opening for extra headroom, and heavy-duty felt for weather protection in excess of five years.Premium

Workshop building specifications – Quality throughout

Component :
Eaves height :
2011mm  (6’ , 7”)
Ridge height (approx.) :
2640mm (8’ , 8”)
Double door opening (w x h) :
1500 x 1880mm (4′,11″ x 6′,2″)
Window sizes :
610 x 610mm (2’ x 2’)
Floor framing :
38 x 50mm  (2″ x 1½”)
Floor cladding :
16 x 125mm TGV  (½” x 5”)
Wall framing :
38 x 50mm  (2″ x 1½”)
Wall Cladding :
16 x 125mm Shiplap  (½” x 5”)
Door framing :
38 x 50mm  (2″ x 1½”)
Door cladding :
16 x 125mm TGV  (½” x 5”)
Timber truss :
50 x 75mm  (3” x 2”)
Roof framing :
38 x 75mm  (3” x 1½”)
Fascia board :
25 x 150mm  (6” x 1”)
Roof finish :
38kg Green Mineral Felt
Window glazing :
3mm Horticultural
Treatment :
Crysolite Premium 4:1 in Phoenix Oak